Dubbed “The Rock & Soul Troubadour,” artist REDRAY FRAZIER,

announces the debut of his new single “Better Man,” followed by an

exciting forthcoming catalogue of live and recorded music. A native

New Yorker, who was raised in an exceedingly musical family, REDRAY

is an established vocalist and musician who creates his own unique

fusion of Alternative R&B, Rock, and Indie-Soul. Get ready for

captivating new lyrical sounds and smooth, smoky vocals like you’ve

never heard.

Lyrically, REDRAY meditates on love’s pathos and euphoria, achieving

spiritual balance, and reinterpreting social minefields. The singer’s

vocals hypnotize while his lyrics dig deep into cultural territories such

as the higher vibration of self-betterment. A true artist, not just in the

musical sense, he is also an entrepreneur and community activist, as

well as pursuing several other creative passions. The new single “Better

Man” was recorded with highly accomplished musician and producer

Paul Frazier, with additional guitar by Marlon Graves, and drum

programming by REDRAY, Paul, and Steve Williams. “The recording

dynamics were congruent and seamless. It felt like we were in complete

synchronicity. I don’t write love songs,” said REDRAY. “ This song, in

particular, is about owning your stuff.” There is also an accompanying

video shot in New York City by innovative videographer Marcus

Bleecker, featuring the radiant and very talented India.

Currently based in Portland, Oregon, REDRAY’s musical journey began

by singing Gospel music in his father’s Baptist church choir in New

Jersey. His evolution has taken him from opening for such noted artists

as Lenny Kravitz and Blues Traveler to touring with The Talking Heads

front man, David Byrne, from 2008-2010. “The totality of those

experiences have helped to shape the manner in which I approach my

work, and the dedication that is required to achieve my goals,” said

REDRAY. “Those are to be the best that I can be.”

While REDRAY applies multiple influences, his songwriting draws

comparisons from Ben Harper to Leon Bridges to The Black Keys.

However, his sultry vocal quality and gospel training place his music in

its own distinct category. “I’ve always listened to various styles of music,

everything from Curtis Mayfield to Brittany Howard,” he said. REDRAY

has the innate ability to stir up deep emotions with his audience. His

rootsy blend of soulful singing over sparse guitar strumming gives him

his own rare groove. As for his love and investment in music, REDRAY

said, “It’s my release valve. It’s my catharsis. It’s everything for me to

have this freedom of expression. It defines me.” He continued, “People

can exhibit themselves more freely in their artist expression...it’s

unfiltered, unabashed. You’re showing all of your vulnerabilities. “

In Spring of 2017, REDRAY had the distinct honor of performing

TEDxPortland, an independently organized Ted Talks event in Portland,

Oregon, which he described as “one of the most wonderful experiences

of my professional career.” 

REDRAY FRAZIER will be releasing his debut single and video "Better

Man" on Greystone Music Group this Autumn. Live and recorded music

will be available soon. You don’t want to miss this. Stay tuned!